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About Us

Welcome to Steelton-Highspire Jr/Sr School, where our primary goal is to provide meaningful learning experiences that create opportunities for our students for success after graduation . Here, we work diligently every day to establish a secure and organized learning environment, fostering a passion for learning and striving for academic and behavioral excellence. Our team of dedicated teachers and staff are committed to ensuring that each student feels safe, supported, challenged, and engaged in their educational journey.

Parents and community members are essential partners in our mission. Your involvement is key to your child's success. By ensuring your child arrives at school on time and prepared to learn, assisting with homework, and supporting them along the way, you can significantly contribute to your child's academic growth. At Steelton-Highspire Jr/Sr High School, we firmly believe that when parents and teachers work together, we can create a pathway to success for every child.



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